Welcome To the Cuckoo’s Nest

I was totally going to take this weekend to set my blog totally up and write this great first post that would captivate,intrigue,and probably horrify you about parenting a little. Instead,the two adults of the household spent most the weekend sick and taking turns over who would be feverish and who would be chilled.

You know what changes when the parents are sick? Absolutely nothing! There was still a teenager to take back and forth to work(at crazy hours may I add because….Black Friday),A lesson plan to try and coordinate with the other teenager(who lives with his eldest brother…that’s a whole other blog post),a hundred games of Fancy Nancy Memory to play with the 6 year old to keep her occupied, and a million super hero costume changes and sleep schedule disruptions for the 3 year old because….snow and full moon(Special needs parents you get me). Add in a 14 year old on new meds that have totally jacked up her sleep and yup no rest for the weary.

Thankfully, I woke up feeling much better today just in time for it to be Monday and for my youngest to start exhibiting signs of this nasty bug (seriously he just sneezed a butt ton of snot while I was typing this sentence).Seriously could we not have all synced up on this illness? Then maybe I would’ve gotten some rest.Never mind it’s one of my busiest days of the week. Now please excuse this momma as I try to shower off 2 days of sickness and ick from my body,which looks like will be promptly replaced by the 3 year old’s sickness.

Oh and did I mention we had kittens this 4 day weekend as well?

Welcome to The Cuckoo’s Nest…….


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