C is for…Doughnut

One of the things that bring me joy in my life is watching my kids grow and develop not only their own personalities but also develop their sense of humor. I’ve got some funny kids,in fact I’m pretty sure Lane could be a stand up comic at this point. Which meshes well with his goals of becoming an actor. Every one of my kids have a different type of humor it is so fun to watch…..although with the teens sometimes inappropriate.

Although today’s comedic genius and timing goes to Andrew,my three and a half year old.This kid has timing guys! This weekend I was saying how I really needed to start working out again and everyone was asking why it mattered. I gave my normal answer of because I feel better when I do and then said, “Besides you don’t want me to get all fat again do you.”….well Andrew in his infinite timing happens to walk by at that time and responding to something totally different responds “too late” and just keeps walking leaving all of us slack jawed and then rolling.



A couple days ago Andrew and I were going through a stack of Sesame Street phonics cards. He was telling me the name of each letter and then the sound it makes and sometimes telling me what the picture was of. We got to the letter C and of course Cookie Monster was on it. I asked him the letter…her told me. I asked him what sound it made….he told me. I asked him who was on the card….he told me. I then asked him what Cookie Monster was holding…he looks at me straight in the face and says “doughnut” then just starts cracking himself up. You know that laugh that loud belly laugh that told me right away he knew and he was being funny.

Last night I asked him again “hey Andrew what does Cookie Monster like to eat” and yup without skipping a beat he answers….”doughnuts” followed by more laughter.

Yeah this kid is a comedic genius……




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