The Holidays with Little Man

SO let’s get real here….because of course that’s why I started blogging again to be able to write out my real feelings and life adventures. Not that my past posts haven’t been real but they’ve been more uplifting then this one I suppose.

You know what’s hard? Having a child that other’s consider not on the “norm” side of things. You know what is harder? Having a child that is not considered the “norm” during the holidays. Mainly because you most likely have at least SOME traditions you like to try and keep and share with your little one and sometimes when they have young siblings it’s hard on them as well because they don’t understand why you might have to do things differently.


(Andrew is diagnosed with Autism,Sensory Processing Disorder and other developmental delays. He is 3 and a half but functions more on a 2 year old level with severe language delays and I’m guessing some OCD issues that usually go along with Autism)

We have taken the last 2 years of holidays relatively easy since Andrew’s issues have popped up. One thing that I thought would be simple though was doing cookies. Boy was I wrong. He WANTED to do cookies he WANTED to cut them out and sprinkle them….the problem was he wanted to do it all on his own without sharing and put them in the oven all by himself. I feel guilty for suggesting something that lead to a major meltdown.

He WANTED to be the only one using the rolling pin and by the time he had to share that he couldn’t fathom doing something else…the poor kid I cannot imagine having your head and body just that jumbled all the time.  I snapped this pic within the only 30 seconds he wasn’t crying or trying to take things from his sister so I could remember at least we tried. Squishy,his sister and their older sibling Roman finished the cookies after I got Andrew back downstairs.

The whole thing just sucks. It sucks that the poor kid is 90% of the time so on edge he can’t relax and enjoy the holidays like some of us. It breaks my heart for him and I find myself getting angry. Not at him but at the situation. Last Christmas I stayed home with Andrew while Squishy and her dad went to the families I just knew it was going to be too much for him,and I wanted Squishy to be able to spend time with her cousins.

This year since we live much closer we’ll try taking him over and make sure he has a quiet place,if needed,but he tends to be a runner when he gets over stimulated. So if I have to take him home I will. I”m really hoping though that he’ll be able to enjoy some of it…..because this kid is awesome. He tries even when I know he has figured out it might be hard on him.

He will enjoy Christmas with us in his own way and that will be awesome as well. We will go slow on the decorating,and take breaks when needed. We will make new traditions that may or may not stick. And next year we’ll see where he’s at and adjust from there.




2 thoughts on “The Holidays with Little Man

    • Awww thank you Dot❤️ all I can do is try my best and never give up when it comes to raising the kiddos. Of course now I’m in the stage where some of the teens think I’m the devil but it evens out because my oldest at 19 has already told me and makes sure to keep telling me I’m an amazing mom


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